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Reliable Lintel Repairs & Stone Masonry in Pittsburgh, PA

Turn to Precision Pointing & Restoration Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for quality lintel repairs, stone masonry, and brick veneer work. We proudly work with local residential and commercial clients.

Lintel Services

A lintel is a load-bearing steel beam that is placed over doors and windows and in fireplaces for support. Lintels rust over time, and need to be replaced to properly support the weight of your home. You'll know your lintel is deteriorating when you notice horizontal cracks coming off its sides, which eventually lead to step cracks and falling bricks.

When you see these warning signs, call on our masonry company for lintel repairs. We'll come in and remove the two rows of brick that sit on top of the lintel, take out the old and rotted piece, and install a new steel lintel. Next, we relay the brick back on top using matching brick and mortar.

Brick & Stone Masonry

For your convenience, we provide top-quality brick and stone masonry and veneer work. Our masonry services include interior and exterior installation of:
  • Stackstone
  • Fieldstone
  • Ledgestone
  • Dry Stack
  • Cobblestone
  • Natural Sandstone

Additional Services

  • Glass Block Window Replacement & Repair
  • Installation of French Drains
  • Brick & Block Replacement
  • Custom Indoor & Outdoor
  • Fireplace Installations
  • Retaining Wall Replacement & Repair (Stone & Brick)
  • French Drain (Installation of French Drain)
Contact us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for more details about our premier stone masonry and lintel repairs.